Our Team

Native Sun Construction is built on generations of experienced concrete, utility and earthwork team members who take pride 
in a job well done. It’s what drives us. We have deep experience and carry ourselves with honesty and transparency.

Our Leadership

Ernest Jessop President & Founder

Ernest Jessop, the entrepreneurial force behind Native Sun Construction, embodies over 30 years of unparalleled expertise in the construction industry. With a foundation in municipal and structural projects, Ernest's strategic vision and infrastructure expertise have propelled the company to the forefront of the industry. His leadership style is characterized by an exceptional ability to build and nurture teams, inspiring a culture where innovation thrives and excellence is the norm. Ernest has steered Native Sun to significant achievements across Colorado, exemplifying his integrity and profound business acumen and commitment to superior project execution.

Ephraim Jessop VP & Project Manager

Ephraim Jessop's ascent from apprentice to Vice President & Project Manager at Native Sun Construction is marked by his exceptional leadership in project and business management. With a tenure beginning in 2012, he has led significant projects, emphasizing integrity and quality. Distinguished for his skill in developing and overseeing complex systems, Ephraim commands the project management team with expertise. His adeptness at building strong customer relationships and his capacity to innovate operational practices have propelled the company's success and reputation in the construction industry.

Joe Jessop Project Manager

Joe Jessop, a distinguished Project Manager and leader at Native Sun Construction, is renowned for his 20+ years of expertise in tackling complex construction challenges. His unparalleled problem-solving skills and ability to navigate unforeseen events have made him the go-to knowledge expert in street/site development, structural concrete, and utilities. Joe’s strategic foresight and detailed approach ensure projects meet stringent quality standards, on time and within budget.

Fred Barlow Chief Financial Officer

Fred Barlow stands at the forefront of financial and operational excellence in the construction industry. With over 25 years of experience, Fred has masterfully steered financial strategy, safety culture, and operational efficiencies, setting new standards in cash flow optimization and process innovation. His leadership has revolutionized financial transparency and accelerated decision-making, securing his reputation as a visionary in business management. Fred's strategic prowess has not only enhanced profitability but also transformed organizational safety and efficiency, marking him as a pivotal figure in corporate success.

Moroni Jessop Northern General Superintendent

Moroni Jessop combines eight years of expertise in concrete and utility work.   Trusted for his exceptional work ethic, Moroni commands respect and loyalty from his teams, guiding them through complex projects with precision and efficiency. As a key operational leader, his adept collaboration with project managers ensures planning, resource allocation, and project schedules are efficiently managed.

Abram Jessop Southern General Superintendent

Abram Jessop brings over eight years of specialized expertise to complex underground utility projects, masterfully handling challenges with existing and deep utilities. As a trusted leader, he directs our superintendents across numerous large-scale projects, emphasizing precision, safety, and efficiency. Collaborating closely with project managers, Abram shares his strong problem-solving abilities and meticulous planning to keep our projects on track and well-resourced, ensuring seamless execution and outstanding results.

Samuel Jeffs Chief Estimator

Samuel Jeffs wields over a decade of specialized expertise in estimating for Native Sun Construction's diverse project portfolio, from underground utilities to structural concrete. Samuel's mastery of advanced survey technologies combined with his insightful analysis and deep grasp of construction operations, enables him to deliver exceptionally accurate estimates and proactively address project needs and challenges.

Fredericksun Barlow Estimator

Fredericksun Barlow distinguishes himself as an advanced estimator with 5 years’ experience, mastering the integration of emerging technologies and deep analytical insights. His rapid adaptability and precision are instrumental in navigating the complexities of high-value construction projects.

Hugo Flores Safety Manager

Hugo Flores stands out as a guiding force in safety and operations, bringing a wealth of experience from over a decade in construction and agriculture. Known for his genuine respect and ability to unite teams, Hugo's hands-on approach to safety audits and training sessions ensures our projects adhere strictly to safety standards and empowering and educating our workforce. He's a real people person, always ready to engage, learn, and adapt, ensuring safety and productivity align synergistically. His collaboration with project leads and safety partners showcases his commitment to a safe, efficient workplace where every team member feels valued and heard.

Natalie Pierce Personnel Manager

Natalie Pierce has been a cornerstone of Native Sun Construction since 2012. As Personnel Manager, her bilingual skills and deep empathy enhance employee relations. Natalie expertly manages DOT compliance and orchestrates both employee onboarding and ongoing relations. Her indispensable presence embodies a blend of professional rigor and genuine care, marking her as a key asset to the team.

Marco Esquivel Transportation Manager

Marco Esquivel brings over two decades of expertise in commercial truck driving and equipment operation to Native Sun Construction. With a profound understanding of logistical intricacies, Marco orchestrates the seamless delivery and retrieval of machinery, ensuring optimal alignment with project timelines and demands and enhancing operational efficiency. Marco's leadership not only drives project success but also exemplifies our commitment to excellence and reliability in meeting every construction challenge.

Jasper McNair Maintenance Manager

Jasper McNair brings a blend of seasoned expertise and a hands-on approach to our operations. His background in construction and oil-field mechanics, combined with a keen eye for diagnostics, keeps our fleet at the forefront of efficiency and reliability. Jasper's commitment to preventive maintenance not only safeguards our machinery but also upholds our promise of excellence and operational integrity on every project. His invaluable contributions and dedication are pivotal, embodying the heart of Native Sun's success.

Our Valued Customers

"Very lean and efficient. They work in a unique manner. Very self-sufficient; they own and operate and know how to use equipment to its maximum potential, as well as technology…Manpower is a huge issue, getting teams to perform on site and control their destiny is very impressive." - Brian Peterson, Park Planner and Construction Manager