Culture of Safety

At Native Sun safety transcends mere procedures – it’s a part of our very ethos. Every team member, at every level, actively contributes to a secure work environment. This commitment is evident not only in our regular safety walkthroughs, rigorous pre-task hazard assessments, and comprehensive safety training but also in our proactive approach. We continuously pause, reassess, and correct course whenever safety might be compromised, ensuring a consistently safe work environment.

Leadership in Action

Our leadership team doesn't just advocate for safety; they live it. They work hand-in-hand with our employees, making sure that safety practices are more than just followed –they are understood, respected, and integrated into every aspect of our work. Our leaders regularly highlight crucial safety issues, ensuring that safety remains a core tenet of our operations at all times.

Empowering Our Team

We equip our team with the latest technology and equipment, reflecting our commitment to their safety and professional development. It’s about offering comprehensive training, support systems, and fostering a culture where each team member is encouraged to excel with the best resources at their fingertips.

The Native Sun Promise

At Native Sun Construction, safety is more than a protocol –it’s a promise. A promise to our team for a safe work environment, and to our clients for reliable, conscientious service.
“When it comes to safety, what truly sets Native Sun Construction apart from other construction companies is culture, leadership commitment and involvement, and emphasis on providing the very best equipment, training, and other resources to set employees up to successfully complete their work.”
Ray Robitschek, Senior EHS Consultant, Hellman & Associates Inc.